What is this?

What makes a guru?

You’ve just, or are about to, create your own Guru.
Your Guru reflects how much data you’re willing to give and how much data you’re willing to see. The following elements determine what your guru looks and sounds like:

Social – Width

Society – Height

Environment – Rotation

Longitude – Blue
Latitude – Red

Finance – Green

Health – Opacity

By answering a question, you get a certain score for that specific domain.

For example: when you often throw away food, your environment score will be lower, thus your Guru will rotate faster.
We also use sound to create your own personal melody. When you give us your gender, we determine what tone will be leading your melody.
Every question you answer will add an unique tone to your melody. At the end your personal melody plays.

You can interact with other Guru’s sound in the landscape. Be sure to click others!