The GURU Smart Houses Smart Personalities project is an initiative started under the wings of ETI | Avans Hogeschool ETI and CMD-Breda and started when researchers Martin Leclerq and Nina Kramer found each other on mutual interests. Both are teachers at CMD Breda and coaches at the CMD LAB.

Bringing together a group of enthusiastic third years students, the bottom-up quest for a good subject started. Goal: find an interesting subject where data science, built environment and future stories intertwine. Use prototyping to start a discussion on this subject.

Starting questions:

1: How can we use immersive storytelling to make future scenarios more realistic? And how can we use those stories to collect data to adjust policies for these scenarios? (Nina)

2: How can you use data design generatively, so that new (meaningful) insights arise? (Martin)

3: How can we design an effective collaboration between lector, researching teachers and students? And how do we achieve interesting output for all engaged parties, using design research methods? (ETI/NADR)

Inspiration was, after dismissing a lot of other subjects, found here

What if data is becoming the new currency (which it is already in a certain way)?
Is privacy becoming a privilege?
While houses and objects in your environment are becoming smarter, what do you really want to know?
And what would you like to share?
What is your personal smart data profile?

These are some of the questions we would like to discuss with you. We had high ambitions on the building the prototype. Corona did not stop us but certainly made things more complicated. So we would like to invite you to our first prototype, but bear in mind this is not yet our imagined end product, but just a prototype.

Please share your experience here: